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Pick shelase to relieve the symptoms of menopausal vaginal dryness

It’s a fact that until recently there has not been much to help women suffering with menopausal vaginal dryness. Non invasive treatments have been far and few between, many of them offering very little.

There are numerous side effects of going ‘through the change’ but dryness and the itching, that may result because of that, have been long regarded as an issue that simply cannot be fixed permanently.

Yes, creams provide temporary relief but with shelase there’s now hope for women. Read on to find out how.

Menopausal symptoms

The menopause affects all women but still has a taboo surrounding it. Mainly because of the physical concerns it unfortunately brings. The change in hormone levels come with a variety of symptoms.

For some women experience it’s just one or two that need to be dealt with, whereas for others the menopause itself can be ultimately upsetting and distressing.

As well as losing interest in sex, one of the most common but unfavourable symptoms of this hormonal change can be vaginal dryness.

This particular problem can become an emotional problem as well as a physical one, affecting someone’s relationship, sex life and ultimately the enjoyment of sexual intercourse.

shelase offers a long term answer to menopausal vaginal dryness, helping women that wish to combat this problem and live a happy life.

Understanding vaginal atrophy and why dryness occurs

Vaginal dryness is sometimes known as vaginal atrophy. The medical term for it is atrophic vaginitis. This term refers to the thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls.

This is a result of the body producing less oestrogen during and after the menopause. While vaginal atrophy and dryness can occur any time, typically it occurs most commonly and severely after the menopause.

It’s widely considered one of the most unsettling aspects of this change in hormones. For many women, vaginal dryness can not only makes sexual intercourse uncomfortable (often leading to a loss of intimacy) but for some may also lead to urinary issues.

Vaginal changes are of course common for women facing the menopause, but there are non invasive ways to combat this that exceed what creams and over the counter treatments can offer.

What can shelase do for your clients intimate health?

shelase is a non surgical treatment designed to have a positive physical effect on the way your clients feel about their intimate health and wellness. shelase is entirely non invasive and never requires a night away from home or a stay in hospital.

shelase is available for trained gynaecologists; it’s not designed to be a cosmetic procedure although there are indications that shelase can rejuvenate the vagina.

Other treatments shelase can be used for include stress urinary incontinence.

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