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A powerful antioxidant and whitening treatment! It is indicated

Glutathione pack

Glutathione pack - a powerful antioxidant and whitening treatment! It is indicated to brighten the skin, protecting it daily from external aggressions. Such a rich formula will bring brightness and a youthful vibrancy to the skin.

GLUTATHIONE PEELING (6x5ml) Glutathione Peeling is a powerful antioxidant which provides the skin a radiant glow, redefines the pores, improves hyperpigmentation, reduces melasma, expression lines and wrinkles, eliminating and preventing acne scar.

NEUTRALIZING SPRAY (50ml) Neutralizes the peeling effect, providing freshness and comfort to the skin pH.

POST PEELING MASK (6x20ml) The active ingredients of the Post-Peeling Mask bring decongesting, moisturizing, relaxing and revitalizing properties to the skin. It is ideal to regain the skin. Essential after facial peelings.

GLUTATHIONE CREAM (50ml) Glutathione Cream contains an advanced skin whitening component, with a complete combination of antioxidants such as Myrtus, Allium Cepa and Commiphora Myrrha. It maintains the skin color, regenerates, moisturezes and softens the skin.


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