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Imperium Master - The Perfect Plug and Treat System for Face and Body Treatments

Imperium Master, the perfect plug and treat system, by Brera Medical Technologies.

This device can be operated by all Beauty Professionals.

After the first session, the following results are more than visible:

  • Glowing complexion

  • Tightened pores

  • Plumped face

  • Reduced lines and wrinkled

  • Lightened dark circles

  • A fresh and clean feeling, rarely experienced!

The corneous layer is a protective barrier for the body and it acts as a filter to prevent penetration of numerous substancies, whatever is their molecular weight. To make radioporation more effective, Imperium has a function (Sonoblade 25) that removes up to 50% of the protective corneous layer in a non invasive way.This treatment is useful for increasing cutaneous permeability, thereby eliminating a large part of the corneous layer and making more fluid the hydrolypidic film that compacts the corneous cells.

Imperium Master has special integrated and patented actuators which combine the emission of physical energies with a percussion vibration system, an ideal synergy for deep and highly stimulating endothermal massage.

This exclusive characteristic increases tolerance to heat, blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

The most versatile and powerful “Plug & Treat” multiplatform system. The unit features a single cable which can be connected to a wide range of actuators, from built-ins to optional once, sold separately, or even future models.

Each actuator has exclusive features for targeted treatments.

Actions and effects of diathermy with Imperium Master

Imperium Mater system works on biological tissues, using its controlled radiofrequency features (possibility to select the temperature of treatment thanks to the temperature sensor) to produce heating effects.

This effects can be basically two: denaturation of collagen fibers via heating bio-stimulation and regeneration of tissues.

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