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MELANOout SYSTEM® has been formulated to attenuate and eliminate spots of melanic origin located on the face, neck and décolleté, making the skin color uniform, with spectacular results, without surgery and without side affects.

SPOTS Only through an effective treatment focuses on the process of melanogenesis it is possible to remove spots and to restore the skins firmness, hydration and radiance. The continued aging of the skin as a result of systematic exposure to the sun, hyperpigmentation, acne marks, genetic factors, race, hormonal changes, pregnancy and menopause are preponderant factors for the appearance of spots.

MECHANISMS OF ACTION OF MELANOOUT The MELANOout SYSTEM®, composed by active ingredients that give it a high depigmentation power, actuates on the cells responsible for skin coloration, ceasing the production of excess color and are very effective in the elimination or attenuation of the spots.

PROPERTIES - It provokes an integral and intensive depigmentation action - Great eectiveness in all types of coetaneous pigmentations - MELANOout® can be performed at any time of the year when accompanied by Pantalla Solar that protects the skin from sun exposure - Compatible with any skin photo-type - Inhibits the enzymatic mechanisms that produce melanin - Stimulate the cell renewal.

RESULTS In 95% of cases, the spots disappear between 21 and 30 days. It is very important that during the summer, to use the MELANOout® cream after sun exposure, placing it at the end of the day, simultaneously with the Hydraface for an optimal skin hydration. This prevents the formation and the stimulation of melanin.

MELANOout BODY® Reduces age spots and lightens skin, giving it an effcient glow effect and balancing the skin tone! MCCM blended powerful skin-lightening ingredients such as: Kojic acid, Arbutin, Phytic acid and Retynal Palmitate.

Combining this function we use other active principles that will improve its base and give a glow and radiant effect.

Skin looks smooth, clear and bright! Gradual lightening will be noticed in a few weeks. Continued use furthers results.

Recommended for aged spots, freckles, hyper-pigmentations and unbalanced skin tones. It contains no harmful bleaching agents and is formulated from active ingredients that naturally lightens your skin and gently evens out pigmentations. These agents provide deep moisturising effects, providing smoothness and Luminosity.

MAIN EFFECTS - Suppress the production of melanin process and melanin synthesis. - Balances skin tone - Enriches the skin, promoting a glowing effect

Results can be achieved in 3 to 8 weeks, following the homecare maintenance with daily use. The results will also depend on each skin condition.

MELANOout Body will inhibit the production of melanin, renewing the skin cell synthesis as it promotes even skin tone.

HOW TO USE Apply each evening and do not wash off. Let the formula work . During the day, use XR Body Lotion. Apply Sun Lotion +35, avoiding heavy sun exposure.

To improve its action and increase the results, we can prepare the skin, exfoliating the skin using the Salicylic Removing, a combined active exfoliation, with salicylic acid, azelaic acid and allantoin, making a faster and more effective penetration for the active ingredients.

To maintain the results we can just simply apply the MELANOout Body 2-3 times a week.

The MELANOout Body can be applied all over the body and in specific areas of hyper-pigmentation, darkness of elbows and knees.


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