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Imperium Master for Regenerated Skin - Client Testimony

"After a summer studious and a month of September very sustained, I found mine very tired and I had to wake my skin. A few months ago I had tested a session Imperium Master, just after surgery) and the result had me well bluffed, features less drawn and especially very bright complexion. I have just renewed the experience, and thanks to Outhay's know-how, who knows the technology

perfectly since he is doing the Imperium Master training, I was able to enjoy again this concentrated high-tech treatment. 1 / First of all, instead of the classic scrub that starts each session in the Institute, an ultrasound peel is performed. Ultrasonic epidermabrasion acts as a light peel with the advantage of adapting to all skins and phototypes. It rids the skin of all the impurities: comedones, pustules, papules, dead cells, excess of sebum. Outhay applies water with a sponge and passes on the face an ultrasonic spatula. Ultrasound will micronize water particles and act as a karcher: deep cleaning guaranteed. 2 / Radiofrequency: a neutral conductive gel is then applied which will allow to conduct the heat in the dermis. Depending on the condition of your skin, the depth of wrinkles and fine lines, different handpieces will be used. During 20mn the tripolar part will massage the whole face. Bipolar and monopolar parts are used to work in more targeted areas such as the top of the upper lip (to reduce the famous bar code), the eye contour and furrows and wrinkles well installed. 3 / After the passage of the radio frequency, the surplus of conductive gel is removed and then is applied a serum covered with a wet gauze. Passage of ultrasounds that will rehydrate and oxygenate the skin thoroughly.

The session lasts between 60 and 80 minutes depending on the time spent on the different areas to be treated. The result: luminous complexion, fine lines disappeared on the top of the lips, dark circles darker and look tired, skin plumped. It is advisable to perform one session per month (corresponds to the frequency of cell renewal). The results are exponential since the skin will be more and more receptive to treatment. This type of high-tech treatment is between classic cabin care and aesthetic medicine and is very popular because no unpleasant effects."

Original blog post/ credit: http://martineetleslowaging.over-blog.com/2014/09/imperium-master-pour-une-peau-regeneree.html


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