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MCCM Multi-Active Whitening Facial Treatment

The Multi-Active Whitening Effect Facial is a specific facial treatment that will promote a lightening and glow effect, combining an unique multi-active exfoliation with blend of ingredients with strong anti-oxidants that for an intensive glow and skin rejuvenation, combined with liquid plasma technology with platinum nanoparticles. This will actively work with our transdermic mesotherapy and then pampered with a special calming and soothing alginates mask complementing and giving the special touch of this advanced cosmetic treatment. . Achieved a lightning and revitalizing skin involved with a fresh and brightened touch.


• MCCM Cleansing Milk 500ml

• MCCM Facial Tonic 500ml

• Champagne Peeling Mask 6ml


• Vitamin C 20% 5ml ampoule

• Proteoglycans ampoule 5ml

• Prof Whitening ampoule 5ml

• Meso® Program 3 Anti-ageing

– 1x bottle mesogel Anti-ageing + ampoule MESO ANTI-AGEING

Program 3 – ANTI-AGEING

• SMART Antiaging Mask (1&2)

• Glutathione cream 50ml

• Sun Cream 50+ 200ml


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