Lasers - IPL and Lipolysis

A key feature of Cutera products is their upgradeable design; each time they have introduced a new product, customers have been able to increase the capability of their earlier-generation systems by upgrading to the newest system for an incremental cost. This has provided Cutera customers a cost-effective way to provide new services to their patients.

Cutera's comprehensive product family is available in your choice of three platforms:

Xeo - high performance, multi-application technology
Solera - compact flash lamp or infrared technology
Coolglide - high performance laser-based technology

Current applications of their product family include: permanent hair reduction on all skin types and tanned skin; treatment of vascular conditions, including leg and facial veins; a wide range of non-ablative skin rejuvenation applications; and the treatment of pigmented lesions.

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Laser Lipolysis - CoolTouch

Cool Lipo (laser-assisted lipolysis) is a new, minimally invasive technology that liquefies fat for easy removal. It is a laser-based procedure that breaks up and removes fat cells in areas such as under the chin, neck, and jowls or areas with loose skin such as the arms. In addition, the unique wavelength of the CoolLipo laser system directly contracts collagen and tightens the skin, an effect not seen with standard liposuction.

Benefits - Laser lipolysis before and after

* Gentle fat disruption and removal technique for small areas
* Treats areas that are difficult for conventional liposuction
* Less invasive than a neck or face lift
* May be performed under local anesthesia only
* Short procedure in your physician's office
* Safe with minimal bruising and side effects
* Minimal downtime post-procedure

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